Networking and Marketing Come Together with Ping Pong Fight Club in Manchester

A photograph of a ping pong table in a concrete, gritty, city-style backdrop

At Bulletpoint Marketing, we always have a beady eye out for new marketing movements, whether digital marketing or on the streets (which inevitably becomes digital anyway). With that in mind, an upcoming marketing and networking event has swooped into our peripheral vision in the form of a Ping Pong Fight Club in Manchester.

Launched in 2011, this year Ping Pong Fight Club has partnered with popular beer brand Tsingtao to host an evening of networking and promotion in the form of an inter-company ping pong tournament; not open to the general public and not for the faint-hearted.

A great for for businesses to beat their rivals and get to know potential leads and partnerships, you can choose to attend to smash your competition or simply to team build (and bulk up your social media presence) – it’s up to you. With so many businesses vying for the limelight in Manchester, this is an ideal opportunity for businesses to use this as a digital marketing push to build their brand image and connect with their core demographic.

Indeed, participant packages even include company-brand T-shirt, wristbands, and other paraphernalia. Snap a few shots of your team draped in your company logo and upload that to your instagram for some instant brand-awareness, it couldn’t be easier.

Digital marketing in Manchester can seem like an uphill climb through a thick forest of noisy trees, as there are so many voices clamouring to be heard; it’s important to step outside of the mainstream every now and then to establish yourselves as pioneers in your industry. The Ping Pong Fight Club in Manchester may just be a perfect opportunity for a handful of brands to raise themselves into the light for a moment or two, just long enough to extend their marketing reach.

If you’re up for joining in with the Ping Pong Fight Club in Manchester, you can find out more at the Ping Pong Fight Club website where you can register your company. To talk with a leading digital marketing company in Manchester to find out how to make the very most of marketing opportunities such as this, simply give the team and Bulletpoint Marketing a call on 01706 361708.

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