Web Video

Video can be an excellent way of interacting with users online. Not only does it keep potential customers engaged with your brand, it can also prove and additional level of trust, and can improve your SEO by increasing the average time that visitors spend on your website.

At Bulletpoint, our team of videographers has a vast amount of experience in creating interesting videos for all types of business. Call us today on 0161 979 0589 for free advice, and to find out how we can improve your website and dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Video Presenter

Introduction Presenter

A presenter offers a personal, alternative method of introducing your business to new visitors on your website. You can choose from a range of professional models, who will outline your key selling points. These videos have proven to be a great friendly way to engage visitors for longer.

Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration

If your product stands head and shoulders above the rest, it can sometimes be hard to communicate this on your website. A professionally produced product demonstration video can help your customers to understand that value of your product or service, and encourage them to purchase.

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonials

Social proof is an important aspect to generating business online. Video testimonials featuring your satisfied clients are infinitely more trustworthy that written ones, and can play a huge part in convincing customers to use your product or service.

We have been using Bulletpoint for many years as our web designer and SEO campaigner. I have enjoyed working with Steve in creating our new website and updating it. I feel confident in their services and would be delighted to recommend to any one who may want the same service as we are having. Good company, good service.

Noah, Surrey Glazing Supplies