What Are the Main Types of Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is an essential tool for generating leads for businesses online. There are many types of digital marketing that are all centered around garnering different results. This means it can be tough to cut through all of the jargon to find what is right for you and your business. Here at Bulletpoint Marketing, we are digital marketing experts, so we have put together a quick guide to the main techniques below.


SEO – or search engine optimisation – is the form of digital marketing that is designed to help your website rank higher in the results pages of search engines, utilising a myriad of different and ever-changing techniques to do so.


Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of advertising in the results pages of search engines. The premise is that you will pay the search engine to appear at the top of their search results, with you being charged each time a user clicks on your advertised link. You will pay a price for the keywords you would like to appear for, which vary depending on their search count and competition.

Social Media

Social media marketing is the type of digital marketing that utilises corporate social media accounts to build a following online and market businesses. This option has become particularly popular in recent years with the astronomical rise of social media, the importance of connecting with a younger audience and building a desirable brand image online.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to engage and inform users, with the intention of generating leads, utilising any form of content – including visual and audio – but is usually a blog page on a website. Content marketing falls in line with social media marketing in that it is centered around building an interesting brand profile.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the act of latching onto a trend (or creating one) to garner a huge spike in traffic or engagement, dependant on the medium that you use. With the significance of technology in the current climate, viral content has become something that businesses can take advantage of in order to showcase their awareness and perhaps a colloquial, customer-facing brand image.

Influencer Marketing

This is the type of marketing centred around utilising the existing following of an ‘influencer’ and targeting their fans to associate the influencer with your product/service. With the rise of social media especially, people that have established an audience are lucrative partners for brands that can identify their chosen demographic and appeal with them via an influencer that they relate to or trust, which is arguably the modern-day equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Find the Type of Digital Marketing Method for You

Essentially, there are a variety of different types of digital marketing that all offer the benefit of different results. SEO is designed around appearing higher in search results and is a longevous, but often slow, process, whereas viral marketing is a quick hit with little long-term success. Determining the best digital marketing solution for your business will depend on a range of factors, but our blog should have informed you with the very basic information on the different types of digital marketing.

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