Social Media Trends

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Social media is huge – the growth of this genre of the internet is exponential, and it’s likely to continue. Therefore, it’s always interesting to learn more about some of the key trends manipulating the industry and its’ members. Bulletpoint Marketing run you through some of the key social media trends in full swing right now.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The trends experienced in social media are often reflective of technology itself. Augmented reality is huge in social media: Snapchat and Instagram, especially, are paving the way in terms of implementing this. The reception of lenses and filters outlines the aptitude of how AR can change social media, and technology itself.

Artificial intelligence is another great advancement in technology that is only becoming available now. Social media has yet to delve into this completely, but ‘chatbots’ suggest full implementation is imminent. Chatbots are social media assistance for customers, which use AI technology to automate the process. As it turns out, consumers are more interested in swiftly resolving issues than waiting on hold for an hour, which makes sense.

Paid Content

Social media trends are forcing businesses to turn to paid content in order to reach their audience. Platforms are updating their algorithms to accommodate more organic content, which improves the user experience and makes it more difficult for businesses. This means you are likely to see more of your friends’ posts and what you are likely to enjoy, but less organic content from companies.

This is effectively forcing the hand of businesses, which is a great power play by the social networks, and means the estimated spend for social media adverts in 2017 will be over $41 billion.

Social eCommerce

On the subject of money, social media networks are increasingly providing the infrastructure to accommodate the growing ‘social shopping’ landscape. Consumers enjoy the more natural and less purposeful shopping experience over more traditional methods of commerce.

However, interaction and engagement do still play a part in the purchases consumers will make because brand presence directly influences appeal. Platforms are cutting the fat to streamline the process for consumers, but it doesn’t mean it will be easy to sell products!

In conclusion, the social media trends currently materialising are indicative of the landscape of technology and the mindstate of consumers, naturally. The advancements available to developers allow for more creative implementations of software; technology companies’ continuing focus on improving user experience means the process of using social media will become more entertaining and also more helpful to the lives of consumers.

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