The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Manchester Business

An image showing a small business in Manchester using digital marketing techniques

As a leading Marketing agency in Manchester with many years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field and know just why digital marketing is the key to a successful business. With technology ever-changing and developing, businesses are having to stay on their toes and keep up with the constant changes in society. Traditional ways of acquiring business are failing as we move into a digital future; your ad in the local paper won’t get you very far these days. Starting a small business and nurturing it into a success is a hard task, but easily achievable providing you’re willing to put the effort in.

We’ve put together our top seven benefits as to why digital marketing should be your main advertising focus for your Manchester business.

Build an audience

Virtually everyone uses search engines for their information today. There are various channels to utilise to help you find a fan base or audience, build a hype around your brand, and get word-of-mouth recommendations.

Increase conversion rates

Advertising yourselves digitally and using the numerous free social media platforms available will help you engage with the audience you’ve now acquired. People are addicted to information, so giving them more to interact with will help you increase visits, turning those visits into sales which create profit.

Increase revenue

Using free online marketing strategies will not only save you money but will return favourable results in terms of conversion and will help to increase sales. More sales, means more profit. Use Google Analytics to keep track of your website traffic and ecommerce sales.

Save money

As a small business in Manchester, you won’t have the budget for a huge billboard advertisement or TV advert during primetime. However, there are a number of free alternatives to help advertise and reach your audience. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create relevant content at no expense and reach a targeted audience.

Reach your mobile consumers

Over 71% of the UK population currently own a smartphone. That’s just under three-quarters of the British population. Using digital marketing techniques, you can attempt to reach your desired audience simply by using digital channels such as email, social media, and SEO.

24/7 customer service

Going digital means you can work your normal hours, but also gives you the option to remain online for hours after business closure for quick queries. Having a quick response rate looks great and is attractive to potential new customers.


Competition in the industry is strong and you’ll need to be able to not only gain your own audience but retain them and take from local competitors. Take advantage of PPC advertising, influencer marketing, and other channels to get your brand known.

If your business is based in Manchester and you’re looking for digital marketing solutions, then contact Bulletpoint Marketing today on 0161 979 0589 to speak to one of our experienced marketers. We’ll be able to discuss with you what services are available and tailor a precise package for your business.

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Susan Hall, Chryson Consulting