Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

an image of the tools for designing a website

In 2017 it’s important to represent your business well online. All of us are scouring the internet for the services we require, so you should take the same care with building your website and this comes down to choosing the right web design agency. So, when you’re looking, these are a few things you should consider:


First and foremost, taste and style are subjective, so you need to make sure you’re onboard with the work the agency in question has to offer. Judging this comes as a combination of experiencing the company’s website and perusing their portfolio. You want to look for extensive samples of work to show range, competence and adaptability. Being a one trick pony is still fine, but you need to be sure this trick works for your business.

This process is, of course, down to your preferences and requirements. That’s why it’s imperative that you know what you’re looking for and have a goal: it’s also worth having a rough idea of what your ideal website looks like. Their job is to flesh out your concept, but there needs to be something to work off in order to gauge the success of your project.


Different agencies are right for different projects, so take into consideration the size of your website, the extent of the work that is required and the service you’re looking for when plucking an agency from the litter.

A large-scale design agency is likely to have a wide scope for web design. There will be plenty of employees to carry the workload your business brings, but you trade this speed and efficiency for a more corporate experience, which can be both positive and negative.

Medium and small agencies are often able to cope with larger websites, but may take longer to deliver the finished product. On the flipside of this, having fewer employees means you’re more likely to get a personalised, interpersonal service.

If you’re thinking of hiring a freelancer, the service you’re paying for is more dependant on the person themselves. You may receive focused work from a person that takes on one project at a time, or you could be dealing with someone undertaking various projects at a time. The main positive you can take from choosing a freelancer, however, is that the service is usually communicative and interactive throughout.


Since you’re paying a for a website, you’d hope the end product was in line with current industry trends and compliant with the requirements of the ever-changing internet. Things to consider with practice are the focus on mobile-friendly design, the responsiveness of the pages and the style of the website. You want to be sure of the competence of your agency and that they’re not offering you something that will become obsolete in the near future. Timeless design and thoughtful function are key factors for choosing the right web design agency.

It’s also at this time we can take into consideration the appropriateness of the agency with your budget, business and ideals. Is the cost quoted reasonable and appropriate, when compared to other agencies of a similar ilk? How have they communicated thus far, do they seem interested and dedicated? Do you feel the agency understands what you’re looking for, and has the scope to deliver this? With such an important investment, being sure is paramount to coming away from the process with a result you’re happy with.

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An absolute fabulous service, a new mobile responsive website created very quickly and efficiently. Most importantly excellent communication throughout, my sincere thanks goes out to Thomas and his team, I would recommend without any hesitation. Excellent service

Michael Anderson, Cooker Solutions Ltd