Conquering the Social Media World in Just Four Easy Steps

A wall of all of the different social media logos, such as twitter, facebook, and instagram, repeated over and over again.

Social media in indisputably a leading force within the digital marketing industry. No longer is it simply a place for millennials to snap selfies and share their most private thoughts and feelings with their unseen audience – businesses have been using social platforms to push their brand or service through a channel which is more subtle than, say, a television advert or a posted newsletter. With an estimated 2.3 active social media users, it is no wonder that for many businesses, owning functioning social accounts are the primary way to gain an instant connection to their customers.

If you are keen to establish a presence or enhance your existing social provisions, but do not know where to start, Bulletpoint Marketing have listed four definitive steps to help your business conquer the social media world.


Create a great Social Media strategy

Every social account for a business should begin with a comprehensive social media strategy. The perfect strategy should map out content suggestions and relevant imagery, both of which should be determined through extensive industry research and competitor analysis.


Know your target customer

When creating your bespoke strategy, it is imperative that your target audience are considered. With thorough research, you’ll be able to identify who your audience is and where, online, they are engaging most. By knowing where they’re having conversations, you can start to join in with them. Get to know the different platforms; Linkedin is great to connect with other businesses so is imperative if you’re trying to sell B2B, whilst Pinterest, often overlooked, can be extremely vital for many retail outlets.


Share appropriate content

Once you have rolled out your social strategy across the platforms of your choice, the work does not end there. An active social media presence tells all who stumble upon your Facebook or Twitter page that, not only are this company still in business, they are offering industry-leading content and information which cannot be found anywhere else. It shows that your business is connected with customers and listening to their responses.


Offer customer care

One of the biggest benefits of social media is also the aspect that makes people most scared of it – customer feedback. Any bad social review can hit a business hard if it’s not dealt with promptly and effectively. Instead of seeing a negative comment or review as a problem, see it as an opportunity to prove how thorough and quick your customer care responses are. Everyone is aware that mistakes happen in a business – how the business deals with that mistake will set them apart from the rest. When planning your social media approach, ensure you have quick and reactive guidelines in place for what will happen when a customer engages with you – whether positively or negatively.


Maintaining an active and relevant social media presence that is successful in engaging with customers requires consistent attention and thought. In order to ease a potentially time-consuming process, do not hesitate to get in contact with Bulletpoint Marketing. Our team can manage your social accounts with ease, our knowledge and experience driving every decision made for your social presence to ensure that your business is utilising the form of social media correctly.

A great social media strategy should work fluidly with bespoke SEO techniques. Give the team here at Bulletpoint Marketing a call today at 0161 979 0589 to discover how our marketing services could strengthen your business reputation.


I found Bulletpoint's service exceptional from initial consultation through to completion. The design department were in constant communication with me and dealt with any queries efficiently thus creating a relationship that gave me confidence in what they were doing.

Howard Baker, Controlux